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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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san jose police officer wounded in a violent weekend crime spree. the man hunt that continues this morning. we are live in pinole people are already camped out to get their hands on black friday deals. we'll show you at least one of the bargains that they're hoping to get out here. we're live in san francisco where muni faces a tough suspicion. find out why improving the
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buses could actually make some parents angry. plus it is a crisis spinning out of control in the middle east. israel says it's ready to take the conflict to the next level if peace talks don't work. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to monday it's november 19th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for the forecast this week. pretty nice today? >> well, a lot of clouds. the ladder half of the week looks good. now today is that betweener day. we are waiting for one more front. that will be here tuesday night and early wednesday. today a lot of clouds. mostly cloudy. more clouds to the north. highs in the 60s. we'll have aened monday night forecast coming up. right now traffic is getting a little crowded here
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at the bay bridge toll plaza. it does not look lighter than usual. you can see traffic is a little busy. also we're looking at the commute on highway 4 it's also getting a little slow. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. all right thank you sal. topping our news a man hunt is under way in the south bay for the second suspect of a violent crime spree and police shooting. now you're looking live at the 7-eleven. this is where a memorial has been set up to remember the 22- year-old victim who was killed when the suspects tried to take his car. now that was just one of the violent crimes police say the men were involved in friday night. one of the suspects is 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks. he was arrested. the men were also involved in four armed robberies before firing shots at officers.
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one officer was injured. a 10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the second suspect. ktvu alex savidge will have more on this investigation coming up at 6:30. new details in a homicide investigation we told you about in the last hour. three people not one had been arrest for killing a man at a camp site saturday night. now officers say the victim was a 51-year-old homeless man. he died near depot park. the santa cruds centennial say the two men and woman were booked for murder, conspiracy and violating probation. a bishop apologized after convicted sex offender was given permission to volunteer at a festival last month. he said he was sorry for a failure at the diocese level that gave mark written permission to work at the festival for kids. both the diocese and the sheriffs office are investigatingth incident. a meeting for concerned parents is setup for november 27th. time now 6:03. happening now some shoppers ready for the holidays they are
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camping outside of a best buy store in pinole. ktvu lorraine blanco is there in pinole. been talking to some of the shoppers who apparently lorraine they are ready to spend thanksgiving in line? >> reporter: yeah. they will be spending thanksgiving out here. outside the best buy in pinole. apparently this has been a family and friends tradition here at this best buy in pinole. some have been doing this early on the holiday week for the last eight years. folks are getting up out here. grow can see their outdoor chairs are lined up along with the tents. most people are sleeping right now. later on you will see people playing cards, grabbing food, and hanging out. best buy here doesn't open until midnight on friday but store employees will hand out tickets as early as 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving for the hot items. we just talked to the lady who laid claim to her place in line yesterday morning. she is going to buy a tv, laptop, and x-box but that is
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not the only reason she is out here early. >> just like a big family out here. we converse and we spend thanksgiving together. we have all been out here last year. sometimes competition will get here first. >> reporter: and hanson tells us she expects to save up to $600 by camping out here early. one of the things she wants to get her hands on is the popular item out here. it's a 40-inch to she ma hd tv going for $179.99 as a door buster deal. it's normally close to $400. so you're saving more than 50% on that item. that is why they are out here early. you will need to get one of those tickets to get that tv. time now 6:05. we have developing news coming out of the middle east this morning. the cross border attacks are still happening between israel
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and gaza despite international efforts for peace. live pictures. look on the far right. the smoke coming from that downtown building. we are just getting these pictures in. we are told that building contains several local and foreign news operations. in fact, the top floor of that building contains the tv station of hamas. where the details are coming in we're hearing of at least one death from this attack. now at least 84 palestinians have been killed by israeli air strikes over the past five days. hamas militants are still firing rockets into israel. most of which have been intercepted by what is called the iron dome defense system. >> when are the israelis going to understand the only way out of this conflict is to resolve it through political means once and for all by ending their occupation and allowing the palestinian people to be independent and free. >> the equation here the total equation here is relatively
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simple. if israel will be quiet, we'll have peace and quiet then in gaza it will also be quiet. >> israel has 75,000 troops on stand by. new this morning president obama is now in cambodia the third and last stop on his asian tour. the president and secretary of state hillary clinton just arrived two hours ago. it's the first visit ever by a u.s. president to cambodia. the other history making stop on president obama's trip coming up. back here at home later this morning san francisco city officials will deal with a hot debate involving muni. muni has to decide what they will do with a multimillion dollar wind fall. ktvu tara moriarty is here now. says the big decision boils down to two options right tara?
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>> reporter: that is right. muni has to decide whether it wants to invest in making improvements to the system and hiring more operators or wants to let youths ride for free. we're here at the portal station. they will take center stage at a board of supervisors government audit. supervisor scott weiner is pushing for using the funds for maintenance. pointing out the agency has very poor performance rates. others would like to see 40,000 low income youths ride for free. in this spring the san francisco municipal transportation agency approved a 22 month pilot to provide a free transit ride. it hinged upon the transportation agency would fork over $4 million. they decided not to fund the deal in july. but they approved $6.7 million. it will be interesting to see which way muni goes here.
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live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty. ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:08. let's check in with sal. he's keeping an eye on the roads. sal. >> all right pam and dave. i think we are getting a little more crowded now as you can see by the picture i'm about to show you. there it is the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights went on early. people are out there. the traffic is moving along okay getting on to the bridge. you will see just a little bit of slow traffic here. we haven't had a lot of crashes out there which is good. moving along and taking a look at the commute on the 880 freeway. north and southbound 880 that traffic is moving along nicely with no major problems. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway southbound 880 looks good all the way to the south bay. no major problems on northbound 101 coming through san jose just yet. 6:09 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. cloudy. mostly cloudy here. jet stream stayed to the north. there was really, really good totals over the weekend.
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especially up in the russian river. three to four inches of rain. that really gets things cranking. now we get a little break today. there could be light rain up toward mendocino county and lake county. monday night football partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. and dropping into the mid 50s. so on the cool side. rain will stay out of the area for another 24 hours. unless you are farther north. low 50s to mid 50s. not much of a change here. you can see where the cloud cover is. most of that is up toward fort bragg. over to clear lake. that is really, really weak. there have been heavy duty totals up there. there will be a lot of rain if you are heading up in that direction. for us kind of southern edge of all this. we just get the cloud cover but not the system. it will start to make its march. that will be late tuesday. today more clouds to the north. that is more to the clouds. [ laughter ] the rain will pick up tomorrow  night into early wednesday and then it's out of here.
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clouds and sun. mild cloudy north. maybe light rain. more sun to the south. temperatures in the 60s here. low to mid. i mean there is really not going to be much of a change. a little cooler to the north. in fact maybe upper 50s for clear lake and ukiah. everyone pretty close in these temps. we'll cloud it up on tuesday. rain comes in tuesday night into early wednesday. once the wind dies down the clouds will clear out. thursday looks good. temperatures will be nice by the coast. i think that valley fog could be really, really tough. a lot of rain lately. time now just about 6:11. the america's cup boats are bigger, faster but are they better? changes now being looked out after the oracle team's boat flipped over. what paula broadwell is telling friends and neighbors as she returns home with her husband. look at that. something just blew up. >> video of friday's oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico captured on video. how that crew just happened to
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be there when it happened.
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look at that. something just blew up. >> yes, it did. >> this is new video of the deadly oil rig explosion that happened in the gulf of mexico on friday. that is a film crew that was shooting an episode of a fishing show when the blast happened. and their cameras just happened to be rolling. 11 people were injured. one worker was killed.
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it's been nearly four months since the chevron refinery fire in richmond. one environmental group says people are still at risk today. coming up at 6:32 the meeting to address pollution control improvements in the east bay. time now 6:14. afghan president karzai is not happy that u.s. forces are still arresting and holding afghan prisoners. despite an agreement that now gives that power to afghanistan. karzai said and i'm quoting the continued u.s. involvement is completely against the agreement that has been signed. however the u.s. wants the afghan government to agree to detain some prisoners that the u.s. says are just too dangerous to set free. new this morning president obama making the last top stop of this whirlwind tour of southeast asia. toad he is in cambodia. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us why the president's meeting with the prime minister of cambodia and why it's a
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little tense. alison. >> reporter: dave, this is the first time a u.s. president has visited cambodia. here's video we brought in about 45 minutes ago. of president obama arying for the east asia summit. while it is all smiles on stage white house officials say it was a tense meeting for the president with the cambodian prime minister. president obama spent most of the meeting highlighting the need for free and fair elections and the release of political prisoners. in myanmar president obama met with aung san suu kyi who led the struggle against military rule and is now a government leader. president obama encouraged continuing democratic reforms. >> reforms launched from the top of society must meet the aspirations of citizens who form its foundation. >> reporter: president obama was also in bangkok, thailand where he and is secretary of state hillary clinton visited a
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buddhist temple. while he was there president obama asked for prayers to help with the budget challenges back here at home. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. paula broadwell is telling friends she is devastated by the fallout from her affair with former cia director david petraeus. this is video of broadwell arriving back home with her husband yesterday. broadwell spent last week staying at her brother's home in washington, d.c.. a friend of broadwell says she deeply regrets the damage that has been done to her family and everyone elses and she is trying to repair the damage and move forward. our time is just turning 6:17. cal football coach jeff tedford's future at cal uncertain. he's the winningest coach in the history of cal football. he's been there for 11 seasons. the athletic department told the bay area news group on saturday cal has not decided whether they will keep tedford. the bears wrapped up their season with a record of 3-9.
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they will have their season ending team meeting later today. officials at the america's cup are reportedly thinking about smaller catamarans for races in the future. that is after oracle team usa racing boat flipped over as they practiced on san francisco bay last month. that 72-foot catamaran is built for speed but the mercury news reports some are raising questions about whether it's too big to handle. o.k. call team usa says it was risky maneuvering not the design that caused that accident. oracle is rushing to finish their roadway pairs in time for september's america's cup finals. 6:18 is the time. monday morning traffic could be slow because of the thanksgiving holiday this week. >> we are hoping it will be better but right now we don't have a lot going on when it comes to accidents or stalled vehicles but we do have slowing. let's take a look at 80 westbound. you can see traffic here is going to be still pretty busy
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coming in from richmond into the berkeley area and down to the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up all the way out past 880. that is about a 15 minute delay. also the morning commute in san jose is off to a nice start. we don't have a lot going on. northbound 101 there is a crash. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. we have partly cloudy skies. there will be a mix of sun and clouds today. more clouds to the north. any rain it looks like it will stay north of mendocino county and lake county today. but our system is lifting a little bit. we get a little break here. it looks fine tonight. no problems. partly cloudy on the cool side. upper 50s. but again a quiet forecast for the monday night football. 50s on the temps. low to mid. not much of a difference here. they will not cake. usually any clear skies to get that. we do have enough cloud cover over us. temperatures today will stay in the 50s for awhile. and end up with low to mid 60s.
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farther south a little bit more sun. farther north you get more cloud cover. you can see our cloud and rain forecast. monday 6:00 a.m. everyone up toward ukiah and clearlake. not much changes until this front makes its move on tuesday. it will take awhile to get here. by tuesday night it will make its move. and then late tuesday night over night into early wednesday. there it is. around midnight tomorrow night and by 6:00 a.m. i think wednesday most of this is out of the picture. you can say goodbye. pattern will be changing. clouds, sun, mild cloudy to the north. maybe light rain if you are traveling up that way. 60s on the temps. a little warmer toward morgan hill and gilroy. clouds, rain, coming on tuesday night into early wednesday. then it's out of here. thursday looks good. friday the weekend looks good. thank you, steve. we are following breaking news just into our newsroom right
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now. intel has announced that ceo paul plans to retire in may. the stock is now halted this morning on the news. that is typical procedure when there is a big management change like that for ceo imparticular. i want to check in on the stalk. right now it looks like it will open higher. by the way he received his bachelors degree in economics from the university of san francisco and masters from cal. again he's retiring from intel. twinkies and other hostess snacks could survive the liquidation. hostess brands will be in court asking permission to sell its assets and go out of business. other baking companies are likely to be in the way. you're still here. >> so are you. >> it was another super natural opening weekend for the twilight franchise breaking dawn part 2 too took in $141 million. lincoln, wreck it ralph, and
6:22 am
flight round out the top five. a controversial new plan to produce the number of inmates in california jails shocking details on the ktvu special report this may effect your families safety. plus the 2013 class of road scholars has been announced. many winners has ties to the bay area.
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just $16.99. sizzler. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment.
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the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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welcome back. time now 6:24. in a ktvu special report thousands of bay area parolees may soon get a free pass from behind bars. the state wants to discharge 10,000 parolees at large from state parole supervision. the plan will only release low level offenders. however according to an internal department of corrections memo obtained by ktvu in the second and third phases, serious and violent criminal cases could also be reviewed. >> they went to state prison because of their crimes. or because of their criminal background. and to simply ignore that they have ignored all the rules doesn't make sense. >> correction officials are defending the change. they say it's a necessary part
6:26 am
of the realignment of the california prison system. three astronauts landed off target but safely in cadsic stand earlier this morning. they returned to earth aboard a spacecraft. they spent 125 days aboard the international space station conducting experiments. four college students with bay area ties have been awarded awards to study. the other winners are stanford senior margaret hayden. stanford rachel kolb. and uc berkeley senior daniel a. price. they will receive $50,000 a year for three to four years of study. congratulations to them. 6:26 is the time. sal is covering traffic. where are you start something >> we are starting in south
6:27 am
bay, pam on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. we don't have a huge backup here and the traffic is moving along very nicely. also on the peninsula we've been watching that 101 and 280 look good if you use highway 1 it should be a nice drive. 6:26 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. more clouds to the north today. we'll have to wait until tomorrow night. looking good for monday night football if you're heading out there a little chilly. we are not expecting any rain. highs today in the 60s. but we have one more system that will come by and we'll talk about that in ten minutes. coming up next it is a big monday night game for the san francisco 49ers but who will be the starting quarterback the conflicting reports on alex smith this morning. and san jose police say they are on the hunt this morning for a man wanted in connection with the string of crimes including a shootout with police. how he escaped and the killing that was part of this crime
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. getting ready to ringtaw opening bell in new york this morning. our bay areas intel certainly making headlines on wall street today. that there is the opening bell live. that is after the announcement paul is going to retire. he's been there 40 years. and this morning he said in a statement after almost four decades with the company and eight years as ceo it's time to move on and transfer intel to a new generation of leadership. in the news the stock is halted. we'll watch intel and all the other stocks for you. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here
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on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's monday, november 19th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. >> a man hunt is happening as we speak in the south bay. it's for a man who may be armed and dangerous. wanted in connection with a violent crime spree that led to an officer involved shooting. ktvu alex savidge is in san jose right now where there is a memorial for a man who was caught up in the middle of that violence. >> reporter: dave, an innocent man killed during an attempted carjacking. the pair of armed men opened fire on that driver here outside the 7-seven store. a memorial has been set up here for the victim who has been identified as rory park pediford. they are trying to identify and capture one of the two men involved in that if crime. one man is behind bars.
6:32 am
he and accomplice carried out four separate armed robberies and opened fire on officers after a pursuit. one officer was grazed by gunfire as bullets flute through the windshield of their car. wilbanks was wounded and taken into custody. police say wilbank's police got away. he is considered a danger to the public. i did reach out to a spokesman for the police department for more on the search. still haven't heard back as of yet. but we do understand the police are planning a news conference that will happen at 9:30 this morning at city hall. the mayor will be there as will represent i haves from the police department. we also understand san jose police union offering a $10,000 reward for any information in this case. live this morning in san jose alex savidge. >> we will her more about what the police reveal today in their news conference. stay right here with us.
6:33 am
stay tuned at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. tonight. menlo park police are increasing patrols in the bell haven area after a man was shot to death while walking to his car. a candle marks spot where carey cudlip died saturday night. he was visiting a friend when he was attacked. police are not sure if it was a random robbery or if he was tarted. >> all of a sudden all these shootings. it's heartbreaking. it's too much. >> cudlip is menlo park's second homicide of the year. the first was an accused teenage gang member in june. a meeting set today in san francisco about pollution control improvements at richmond chevron refinery. environmental justice group is claiming that cancer causing dust from that fire in august is lingering around houses and around gardens from albany to san pablo.
6:34 am
the group global community monitor says five of eight dust samples contain high levels of cancer causing chemicals. chevron is questioning whether the tests were scientifically valid. people at the port of oakland plan a 24 hour strike. their members have gone 16 months without a contract. now the union accuses the port of demanding pay cuts without having a surplus. now those workers will start their strike at 9:00 p.m. tonight at oakland airport. the strike action at the port will begin tomorrow morning. hundreds of south bay families will receive thanksgiving meals this morning. ktvu janine de la vega is at the sacred hard community service in san jose where workers and volunteers are getting ready to hand out all the food behind you. but they need more. >> they definitely do. volunteers are yust starting to show up. there was a couple of them
6:35 am
behind me. you can see check out all these boxes. these are prepackaged meals for hundreds of families that will be coming through here. you can take a look at an example of what is inside there. they have a lot of canned food, beans, grains, marshmallows, here's the stuffing. and of course a turkey as well as some fresh vegetables. now this is video that we took at 4:00 this morning. it really illustrates the need for low income families here. these people all bundled up were here to pick up holiday food boxes. that doesn't start until 9:00 a.m. but they camped out here because they need blanket and clothes. many of them are not homeless, they are low income and struggling to live in the silicon valley. >> i'm not working like i used to be working. i'm on call as a sub. for my work. so i've been home all day. waiting for them to call me you know for two hours or one hour.
6:36 am
>> reporter: sacred heart community service has registered more families than they did last year to receive holiday food boxes. they expect to serve more than 4,000 families and the staff says they are hoping not to turn anyone away. but the charity is is still short 1,000 turkeys and really could use the help. and back out here lye you can see some of the volunteers that are just starting to filter in here. to sort of load the food and get everything ready for these families. again, they still need donations. so if you'd like to help donate, you can drop off a turkey here or of course they will also accept money. they are also getting ready for the upcoming holiday season with christmas coming. they registered all those families to receive toys for the children so they would really like any help. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. as we know the need is everywhere. st. anthony in san francisco is also collecting curb side donations right now. st. anthony is operating out of a temporary location.
6:37 am
right across the street from the original dining hall. that is now under construction. the charity hopes to receive more than 1,000 turkeys this year. some people have already got an head start on their holiday travel. those who are flying say they wanted to avoid the long lines at the airport. some drivers are already making their way it of town as well. coming up at 6:46 what those who haven't hit the road yet can look forward to. time now 6:36. san francisco police will have extra cops patrolling the candle stick corridor tonight after the 49ers chicago bears game. motorcycle police officers and marked police cars will be watching for impaired drivers. from 7:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow morning. now tonight's 49ers game is at 5:30. you know we still don't have official word on whether quarterback alex smith will play after he had this concussion at last sunday's game. there are conflicting reports on whether he will or won't. sources are telling espn alex
6:38 am
smith will not play because he did not get clearance from a neurologist. there are is another report that alex smith intends to play tonight and it would be a surprise if he doesn't. if alex smith does not start the quarterback will be collin. now raiders owner mark davis has apologized to fans after the raid everies lost again yesterday. oakland was defeated by new orleans 38-17. raiders owner mark davis says he is disappointed with the way the team has regressed but trying to be patient. the raiders record now 3-7. they will play the bengals in cincinnati next sunday. 6:38 is the time right now. i want to go to sal. there is a crash in san jose. >> that is right northbound 101 pam and dave. there is a crash and i'm going to put it on the map for you. northbound 101 and one lane is cleared off. traffic will be a little busy as you drive through this area.
6:39 am
that is not the rest of the south bay that looks pretty good. seems a little lighter than usual right now. which is good. you might have something to do with this week being the holiday week. let's move along and take a look at the 237 interchange. westbound 237 traffic a little bit slow as you approach zanker road. and we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. it's 6:38 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a couple little breaks in the clouds. more clouds to the north. where'll more sunshine to the south. tomorrow night we'll get that rain in here. that's it the pattern will change. mendocino county getting rain. south of that it's more clouds than anything else. no problem tonight partly cloudy, cool. it won't be a rain situation. so temperatures in the upper 50s. low 50s for some. other than that cloud cover keeping temps up a little bit. maybe by the time we get to the
6:40 am
weekend we'll have a lot to do with that inland fog. so far it looks like only high and mid level clouds. there is plenty of breaks to the south. you'll get sun down toward san jose. fort bragg ukiah north. kind of a steady light rain there. then it will start to move south tomorrow. so we had one last system in. it looks like things calm down a little bit. today clouds and sun. turning cloudy tomorrow. rain comes in tuesday night early, early wednesday and then out of here. partly sunny and partly cloudy. more clouds again out towards the north bay and even north of that could be dealing with a lot more cloud cover. 60s on the temps today. low to mid. upper towards morgan hill and gilroy. the days are getting very, very short. tuesday evening north bay take that into early wednesday for the rain. and breezy out of here things calm down. you have to deal with the fog. may not be on thursday. otherwise if you're not in that fog sunny and mild to warm.
6:41 am
the homes of many hurricane sandy victims will soon be demolished. the building department has been red tagging homes. people are saving what they can before their homes are bulldozed. many are now living with family and friends though and the department is struggling to find them and tell them before it's done. during his new jersey visit vice president joe biden said he will make sure the jersey shore is fully restored. he told sandy victims in his words you've got a home boy if the deal who gets it. >> the president who is up here with the governor we're not going anywhere. we're not going anywhere. and you got a home boy. in the deal who gets. >> the vice president is from scranton, pennsylvania and summer add the jersey shore when he was a child. the man accused in the oh cushion university shooting.
6:42 am
these folks are all about camping. and are the traffic patterns changing this week? we'll tell you why there is some evidence there are.
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good morning. partly sunny partly cloudy skies. rain will hold off until tomorrow night. highs today in the 60s. a little warmer toward san jose style. welcome back top good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we following for you right now. man hunt in san jose for the second suspect of a violent crime spree that led to an officer involved shooting friday night. one of the men was arrested after police say the two were responsible for four armed robberies, a deadly carjacking, and police shooting that injured an officer. president obama is now in cambodia. he's there along with secretary of state hillary clinton. he's at an east asia summit. this by the way is the last stop on the president's three- day tour of southeast asia. andish colluded tops in thailand and myanmar. back here at home subcommittee of a san francisco board of supervisors will hold a hearing about muni's
6:46 am
performance and reliability. also this morning there will be a possible decision on whether to invest in improving vehicles or allowing low income children to ride muni for free. happening right now holiday shoppers already waking up outside of a best buy store where they have been camped out for black friday deals already. lorraine blanco is in pinole with the hot items that shoppers want to get their hands on. lorraine. >> reporter: well, pam, a few dozen die-hard shoppers have been out here since the weekend inside their tents right there. and best buy employees tell us this is the earliest they have seen people out here for black friday deals. one lady inside one of the tents tells us part of the fun is the competition. who can camp out here first. this hyperenthusiasm has become a family and friends tradition. some have been camping out early for the last eight years at this location. later on you will see campers
6:47 am
playing cards, grabbing food together, and mostly hanging out. best buy doesn't open until midnight on friday. store employees will hand out tickets as early as 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. so what is the biggest challenge? bathrooms and showers. >> the people have been really nice. even the people that work here. they will bring us breakfast and it will be okay. i think they will bring porta- potties out too. >> reporter: thank goodness for that. the most popular item to grab here is a 40-inch tv for $179.99. it usually sells close to $400. there is also a wi-fi blue rayer player going for $39.99. back out here live it's supposed to rain here the next few day. we'll talk to people about how they will handle that coming up in the next 45 minutes.
6:48 am
reporting live lorraine blanco. shoppers are lined up outside other best buy stores across the country as well. in florida and ohio some brought air mattresses and propane tanks with them to stay comfortable and warm. they say their families will bring over thanksgiving dinner on thursday. time now is 6:47. psychiatrists are expected to give an update to a member fall competency of a man accused in a shooting rampage. last month a judge suspended criminal proceedings against one goh. goh is charged with seven counts of murder. three counts of attempted murder in connection with a mass shooting that occurred back in april. prosecutors say goh may have been targeting an administrator who was not on campus that day. oakland's police union takes a jab at the department's top brass. the union had harsh words about
6:49 am
leadership. how this cull awl comes amid an upcoming court decision about a federal takeover. many people already traveling for the thanksgiving holiday on the road. now aaa is predicting about 5.5 million californians will go somewhere for the holiday. the day before thanksgiving traditionally is one of the busiest travel days of the year. several people we saw preparing to travel at the oakland airport said they wanted to beat the rush and they are taking a week long vacation. >> i'm amazed. i flew out for christmas a couple years ago and it was such a nightmare. this is easy. i can't believe it. >> some of the drivers we talked to say they are already thankful because the price of gasoline has dropped an average of $0.65 a gallon in the past month. >> i've notice preponderance >> i've noticed too. 6:49 is the time. we'll be here all week to let you know how the roads and airports because sometimes
6:50 am
wednesday is a pretty busy day. >> yeah it's busy and the pattern changed a little bit. it's not busy in the traditional areas it's busy at the airports and the roads leading to the airports. right now we're looking at the traditional commute. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 and that traffic is is busy. it will probably get lighter as the week gets closer to thursday obviously. but right now it looks pretty normal here. if you are driving in san jose northbound 101 there is a crash as well. bay bridge toll plaza the traffic there is moving along okay if you are driving there. it's not a bad commute. it's backed up for about 15 minute delay which is typical. if you are driving on the peninsula any time soon it does look right on 101 and 280. and 880 southbound already a little bit slow from 238 down to about tennis son road. let's go to steve. thank you, steve. a lot of high clouds around. partly sunny and partly cloudy. more clouds up toward the north bay and light rain.
6:51 am
but jet stream lifted a little bit. there will be a lot of rain. shelter cove north as we go over the next 5-7 days. for us we just have one more system and then after that things look like they will calm down. okay tonight. partly cloudy. looks cool. upper 50s for the game tonight. no rain forecast. 50s on the temps rear. low few mid. oakland, san francisco. it's actually going to take another day before it gets bumped along. it will stay up there. up there being northern california for awhile. then tomorrow this starts to move tuesday evening will be into the north bay with rain. overnight into wednesday morning and then out of here. the pattern will change. cloud, sun, mild. more clouds to the north, more sun to the south. that looks a little cooler. upper 50s and 60s toward the north. upper 60s morgan hill. clouds, rain developing on tuesday afternoon evening. we'll take that into wednesday
6:52 am
morning and breezy get it out of here. if the wind dies downwind protected areas. it could be thick out in the valley. otherwise looks sunny, quiet. this morning lowe's home improvement stores reported revenue improved. the second largest u.s. home improvement chain behind home depot credits fewer expenses and higher revenue. british newspaper says yahoo ceo meyer and sand berg have met to discuss partnering on search functions. a sad milestone in the bay area. it has been 24 years since a hayward girl vanished from her neighborhood market. the gathering in just a few hours from now to remember
6:53 am
michaela garrett. all right two legitimate shared the stage. the unexpected connection between oakland mc hammer and korean super star si. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste
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of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
6:56 am
live look at the board. a lot of optimism that the u.s. will be able to come up with some sort of solution to avoid the fiscal cliff. time now 6:55. today marks 24 years since nine- year-old girl from hayward disappeared. michaela garrett was last seen at the rainbow market on mission boulevard. at 10:00 this morning michaela's mother will hold her annual gathering outside that market it's now called mexico super. right now tests are being performed on a bone fragment to try to figure out if it belongs to michaela. it was found near a wall near stockton along with bones belonging to three other people. today at the white house an oakland based youth program will be honored by first lady michelle obama. youth radio was selected out over 350 organizations to get the youth program award. it's a nonprofit organization that teach hundreds of kids
6:57 am
nation-wide how to make radio segment. to produce them in addition to that radio work they also learn a lot about team work. oakland own mc hammer is still too legitimate to quit. he hit the stage last night with gunk ham style. i wish you could see dave clark right now. the two music sensations brought energy to the stage. everybody is up and dancing at the american music awards. can't beat that. si says he practiced hammers dance moves growing up. >> now si shifted the planet. so to be with somebody who shifted the planet and have fun and very humble and raftable guy i love doing it and we had a great time together. >> his song went viral this
6:58 am
past summer and now holds the record as the most liked video in youtube history. >> you can do that, pam. >> right. [ laughter ] we can go to sal. he knows about our commute. >> good morning, to you. traffic is doing pretty well. you want to be blasting your music on your way to work you can do that. it's not all that bad. toll plaza we do have a 15-20 minute delay here. it does look like a normal monday. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway we have slow traffic from eighth street down to tenson. partly sunny and cloudy. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. 60s you will be all right for the 49ers game tonight. don't have to worry about rain. also coming up next on mornings on 2 police officer hurt during a violent rampage through san jose. the man hunt that is going on right now. we have new video just in from the middle east.
6:59 am
the overnight violence that may move that region closer to a ground war. stay right here with us.


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